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If you're anything like me, which I’m guessing you are, you KNOW you never want to have to depend on someone else for your future. That's why I'm sharing this with you.. So you can start building a business to create freedom in your life, for you and your family.

Matt and Jason, the co-founders of Amazing Academy, are releasing a four-part video series SHOWING YOU how you can take control of your future by developing your very own physical products business. Their students are responsible for doing over $150 MILLION in sales in just the past few years.

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Most of their students had very little to no entrepreneurial background whatsoever.. but they have been able to build wildly successful brand new businesses using what you are about to learn. That's because these two guys make it INSANELY easy to follow along and get results.

Check out the video to see what I'm talking about.
Oh and stay all the way to the end.. There's an amazing software program that takes the guess work out of picking the BEST product to sell right now.

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THEN STOP NOW - The top gurus in SEO training have switched to selling on Amazon and they are really crunching it. So much so, that they closed the doors early when they launched, but now the doors are open again for a real limited time, so have a look now and sign up, you can't lose, there's a full reufnd available to you if it doesn't suit you.

I personally tested this Amazing Selling Machine Training for Jason & Matt a while ago and it really does work. Now been finely tuned to work much better, believe me it does work.


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Everyone seems very excited to see more about building a business
with Amazon and how Jason, and I have been able to generate huge
bi-weekly paydays from Amazon.
The comments have been extremely positive and there has been a ton
of great questions. To help clarify things for you, Jason, and I have put
together this list of the...
"Top Questions & Answers About Cashing in on the Massive
Amazon Opportunity"
>> Question 1: What if I Live in an Affiliate-Restricted State in the USA?
No worries. Selling REAL products on Amazon has NOTHING to do with the
affiliate restrictions for certain states with Amazon’s affiliate
program, Amazon Associates.
No matter where you are in the USA, you can sell physical products on
Amazon like we teach.

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>> Question 2: What if I Live Outside the USA?
No problem again. We have people from all over the world that we’ve
taught doing incredibly well with this business model.
Here’s just a partial list of the countries where our most successful
students are from: Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany,
Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago, United Kingdom, South Africa, and more.
We teach 4 different ways to get up and running with this business
model no matter where you’re from or where you live and they are all
very cost effective solutions.

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>> Question 3: Are there high start-up costs for selling physical products
on Amazon?
No, it’s recommended that you DON’T start by spending a bunch of money
on inventory or marketing.
It’s best to start small and test the market FIRST, then slowly ramp
up. Many suppliers will allow you to start with order quantities as
low as 12 units (costing you less then $100) and then as you sell out,
you can reinvest those funds into ordering more inventory.
Remember, Amazon pays out every 2 weeks and that means for example, if
you make a sale on October 7th, and your next Amazon payday is March
8th, then you will be paid for that October 7th sale in that pay-out.

click straight through to the video click here now
>> Question 4: How Do You Find a Product or Supplier?
This is FAR easier than most people think. In video 2 of the series,
you learn EXACTLY how to pick out HOT opportunities on Amazon and how
to quickly find suppliers for those products.

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>> Question 5: What Happens if I Wait Until Later to Do this?
There’s a MASSIVE opportunity on Amazon available RIGHT NOW. There’s a
limited time window to get in when it’s easy.
This doesn’t mean that Amazon is going away - it’s continually growing
as people buy more and more online from only a few major sites.
BUT, it won’t always be this easy for every market on Amazon. Now is
truly an incredibly lucrative time to get in on this business model as
it’s something we haven’t seen since the VERY early days of Google.

click straight through to the video click here now
>> Question 6: What if I’m Already Learning/Doing Something Else?
That’s good. Whether you’re building expertise in SEO, PPC, blogging,
affiliate marketing, etc., you’ll be ahead of the game but will be
able to apply your skills to a much more lucrative business model.
You can drive traffic from any source you know to Amazon products and
absolutely DOMINATE because no one else is doing that.

click straight through to the video click here now
>> Question 7: How Much Time Does it Take to Get Up and Running?
As with anything, there’s a learning curve but, with Amazon, you
literally get your first payout 14 days after you create your Seller
Central account and have your product selling. So, as soon as you can
get up and running, you can almost immediately start getting bank
deposits (or checks) from Amazon.

click straight through to the video click here now
>> Question 8: How Difficult is it to Get Started?
We’ve taught people how to do this that had ZERO experience selling
physical products anywhere, never mind on Amazon.
Just dive in, learn everything you can, start applying, and within a
few weeks you’ll be well on your way to knowing everything you need to
do very, very well on Amazon.
The cool thing is once you go through the entire process one time from
start to finish, you will be wanting to crank out product after
product because you will see just how easy the process really is.

click straight through to the video click here now
>> Question 9: What if I Don’t Have the Time Right Now?
Whether you currently have a job or are already running a business,
the payout from what you’re currently doing is going to have a tough
time comparing to the potential payout from this business.
Jason Katzenback and I, Matt Clark, are shedding our other businesses
to grow this business model because it’s so damn lucrative. I also
know first hand that Jason was working over 8 hours a day on his other
business plus has a family and other responsibilities and he just did
whatever he could to make it work. That might mean staying up a little
later or waking up a little earlier but the reality is we are all
extremely busy and if this is something you want to take advantage of
now, then you will need to find the time to do it, otherwise you very
well could be left behind.
The cool thing is, it’s a ton of FUN to run and, if you want, it can
be put on near auto-pilot after you set it up (check out video 3 in
the series for more information on automating this business by letting
Amazon do all the work for you).

click straight through to the video click here now
>> Question 10: How Big is the Opportunity?
In 2012, Amazon’s revenue was $61 billion. A HUGE portion of that
comes from people like you and I selling REAL products to REAL people
on Amazon’s site.
There are over 30,000 categories and over a million products on Amazon.
The number and SIZE of opportunities on Amazon is absolutely crazy
right now. But, as mentioned in the answer to Question 5, you need to
strongly consider not waiting for this to pass you by.

click straight through to the video click here now

>> Question 11: Why Are You Sharing This?
Because of knowing other people KILLING IT on Amazon, my Amazon
business has TRIPLED in the last year.
It helps to bring successful and like minded people into your circle
because it's tough to take advantage of everything by yourself in such
a rapidly growing space (Amazon).
As far as listing dilution (great question by the way), Amazon has over
a million products, 30,000 categories, and does over $60 billion a year
in revenue (a large chunk of which comes from people like you and I
selling physical products); so, none of us, no matter how many, are
diluting anything.

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Enfield Web SEO is based in Enfield, North London

EW is part of a virtual Global Network.
Using organic search engine optimisation, page 1-3 visibility on the Major Search Engines, including Google, ensures a high return on investment, but only if done correctly.

Enfield Web SEO and Design
The Real Truth

There's nothing really magical about SEO and it shouldn't cost a fortune.
SEO is the process of improving your web site visibility in Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc

The theory is that the higher, or earleir, your web site shows in SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages)  listing, the more business you will get from Serch Engine users. Not So!

There's no doubt Britain still has one of the best climates for doing business in the world. In this business climate, especially since the economic downturn, it is crucial for businesses small and large to have extremely visible presence on the Internet which can only be achieved with high rankings in Google, but only good rankings for your business, not some ranking that seo companies try to impress you with that are, quite honestly, useless to you.

Search Engine Optimisation
Enfield Web has been doing this since the mid 90's when Alta Vista was the main player and Google didn't exist. We could have a web site on Page One in hours bringing in business to a Company the very same day. Nothing much has changed in principle since we started, we use exactly the same techniques today.

Whatever your market's search terms may be, if your website arrives on the first page of Google in both the natural and paid traffic search areas, you will dominate your entire market and increase conversions (sales) for that keyword or keyphrase. Enfield Web has the SEO expertise and is extremely successful.

Research of your target market's keywords and keyphrases is one of the main areas to invest in if you want your online business to be effective.

Just Imagine if all of your major keywords had your website show up on the first page of Google for organic (on the left, underneath the Sponsored links) and paid listings (on the right).How much profit would you make?

Although Internet marketing is not an inexpensive option, it is a service that must be implemented constantly for any online business to compete in their market to increase business.
Although it's widely circulated that there are "google gurus" around that cost a fortune and send you immense volumes of reports, I've got to tell you it's not rocket science at all. Anyone can do seo and internet marketing it if you have endeavour, a quest for learning and plenty of spare hours for market research and testing.

The only report you'll ever need is right in front of you on the first three pages of Google, you're either there or you're not, end of story.

If you have the time, just read all the Google tutorials and you're nearly there. If you don't have the time, but have some spare cash to invest, use a seo professional like us for quicker results.

You are invited to apply to Enfield Web to help you dominate Google, please fill out our Contact Us form opposite...


SEO Do It Yourself

There's no real mystery to getting good rankings in Google or the other search engines. it's just a case of understanding their Rules...

I can help you understand more with a friendly consultation and point you in the right direction to do it all yourself.

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You will never be alone in the training, there's a vibrant community there to help along the way.

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But what if it's just too mkuch for me and I can't do it.
Well, there are untold thousands of people that cannot see themselves running their own business, or are just to stressed to see it through. My advice is have a look, but don't commit anything more than a general interest.

Even if you sign up, you haven't lost anything, especially not your own money, but somewhere down the line, you may have a change of attitude, or had some training, or a confidence boost or whatever and you might be able to join us then if the doors are open.

Fill in my contact form above and I'll keep your details for later on.

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